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ITRC Use of Risk Assessment in Management of Contaminated Sites
Sponsored by: Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
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Training Course Overview:

The ITRC Risk Assessment Resources team developed a document titled Use of Risk Assessment in Management of Contaminated Sites (RISK-2, 2008). This Internet-based training is taken from the RISK-2 document and highlights variation of risk-based site management and how to improve the use of risk assessment for making better risk management decisions. This training course looks at how various risk-based approaches and criteria are applied in various states and programs throughout the processes of screening, characterization, and management of contaminated sites.

The document and training course are intended for risk assessors and project managers involved with the characterization, remediation, and/or re-use of sites. Together they provide a valuable tool for federal and state regulatory agencies to demonstrate how site data collection, risk assessment, and risk management may be better integrated. This training course explains:

  • Variation in risk assessment parameters/approaches in various states and their influence on risk management
  • Insights into the use of risk assessment in risk management process through use of specific case study examples
  • An improved process of using risk assessment in risk management

This course builds on the Risk Team's previous work identifying variation in the development of risk-based numerical criteria, specifically soil screening levels. A prerequisite to this training course is the Risk Team's previous Internet-based training (archive is available from based on ITRC's Risk Assessment and Risk Management: Determination of Risk-Based Values (RISK-1, 2005). The Electronic Risk Resource Sheet published by the ITRC Risk Team is recommended as an excellent resource for supplemental materials related to risk assessment and risk management.

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