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ITRC Risk Assessment and Risk Management: Determination and Application of Risk-Based Values
Sponsored by: Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
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April 8, 2010, 11:00 AM - 1:15 PM, EDT (15:00-17:15 GMT)

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Assessment of human health risks posed by exposure to hazardous substances is a vital component to the process of remediation of contaminated sites. Risk-based screening values are developed and used in both planning and conducting site remediation. This training course is designed for site managers and others involved in making remedial decisions to help them better understand the risk assessment / risk management process.

This training course describes the development and application of risk-based screening values. The first module provides a review of key risk assessment concepts related to risk management. It also introduces the Electronic Risk Resource Fact Sheet developed by the ITRC Risk Assessment Resources team. The second module focuses on the process by which risk-based levels are derived in different states. This module introduces the document,Examination of Risk-Based Screening Values and Approaches of Selected States (RISK-1, 2005), developed by the ITRC Risk Assessment Resources team. The third module examines the application of risk assessment to remediation operations in two case studies providing examples of how risk assessment has actually been implemented, based upon research and case studies conducted by the ITRC Risk Assessment Resources team. This training course describes a number of the reasons behind variations in risk-based screening values and their use in risk management. Overall, the training course enhances the transparency and understanding of risk assessment and its use in remediation.

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