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Fractured Bedrock Project Profiles


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed this website to provide information on efforts to identify and remediate contaminated fractured bedrock sites. Characterization and remediation of contaminated ground water at fractured bedrock sites are hampered by the complex geology, the heterogeneous distribution and orientation of the fractures, and the movement of contaminants and fluids in fracture networks and rock matrices. Several characterization and remediation technologies are currently being used both at pilot- and full-scale levels to improve the understanding of these sites.

Site profiles on this website provide information on the nature and extent of the contamination problems at fractured bedrock sites, geology affecting site assessment and remediation efforts, characterization and remediation actions taken or planned, and site contacts to open communication between individuals currently involved in using these technologies. Information for the profiles is collected from technical journals and conference proceedings, as well as other published sources. As of December 2013, the website includes 264 profiles, addressing 8 remediation and 12 characterization technologies. As further information is obtained, EPA plans to update and expand this website with updated and new fractured bedrock profiles.

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