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From Ground Water Currents, September 1995, Issue No. 13

Groundwater Water Remediation Center

By Rich Steimle, EPA Technology Innovation Office

The EPA has selected the National Environmental Technology Applications Center (NETAC) to establish and operate the National Ground Water Remediation Technology Center. The purpose of this new Center is to promote innovative technologies to clean up contaminated ground water. It will compile, analyze and disseminate information on new ground water remediation technologies. The Center will maintain an active outreach program; and, its activities will be guided by an external Guidance Committee composed of representatives from interested public and private sector organizations. As such, it will serve as a principal voice for describing and promoting the application of the latest ground water technologies throughout the country. Information from the Center will be available to everyone.

The kinds of information collected and distributed will focus on in situ ground water remediation. This information will include the status and results of research, development and demonstration activities; the identification of leading researchers and practitioners; and patent and license agreements. The Center will analyze the information and report on the status and trends of each technology. The information on research activities will be organized as to status, i.e., bench scale studies, controlled field investigations, field demonstrations and accepted use; documentation will be noted.

The Center will be located within the NETAC facilities at the University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center (U-PARC) in Harmarville, Pennsylvania, where it will be operated in association with the Environmental Engineering Program at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). Dr. Edgar Berkey, President of NETAC, will serve as Center Director. Dr. Frederick G. Pohland, who holds the Edward R. Weidlein Chair of Environmental Engineering at Pitt will be Associate Director. The Center's activities will be coordinated closely with the Technology Innovation Office of EPA, which is directed by Dr. Walter W. Kovalick, Jr. Center reports will be prepared by technical teams drawn appropriate from NETAC, Pitt and other supporting institutions, including Carnegie-Mellon University.

NETAC was chosen by EPA through a competitive process. The award is for a three-year base period funded annually at $250,000 per year. GROUND WATER CURRENTS will report from time to time on the developments and products of the Center.

For more information on the Center, call Dr. Berkey at 412-826-5320 or Dr. Pohland at 412-624-1880.

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