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Natural attenuation


Upcoming Natural Attenuation Courses and Conferences and Archived Online Events

CLU-IN's Upcoming Courses and Conferences area features events related to innovative treatment and site characterization technologies, while the CLU-IN Studio contains live and archived videos, internet seminars, and conference webcasts.

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Low-Cost Remediation Strategies for Contaminated Soil and Ground Water

Technologies to be covered in this course include natural attenuation, enhanced bioremediation, air sparging, and phytoremediation for remediation of contaminated ground water; bioventing for remediation of contaminated soil; and bioslurping for removal of light nonaqueous-phase liquid. Dates and locations are subject to change. For details, please visit the web site and click on Education. Or call (800) 551-7379 or (614) 898-7791, or FAX (614) 898-7786.

Natural Attenuation for Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Sponsored by the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). Contact NGWA at (800) 551-7379 for a course schedule, or visit the web site.

The Princeton Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology Course

Course content, instructors, dates, and locations are available online.