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Superfund Remedy Report, 17th Edition

EPA prepares the Superfund Remedy Report to provide information and analyses on remedies EPA selected to address contamination at Superfund National Priorities List and Superfund Alternative Approach sites. This report is the latest in a series, prepared since 1991, on Superfund remedy selection. The latest edition focuses on the analysis of Superfund remedial actions selected in fiscal years 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The data that forms the basis of the analyses contained in SRR 17th Edition can be found at Superfund Data and Reports by downloading Contaminant of Concern Data for Decision Documents by Media and Remedy Component Data for Decision Documents by Media.

Report with Appendices (2.4MB/66pp/PDF)

Previous Editions

Report with Appendices (3.2MB/85pp/PDF)
Fact Sheet (374KB/2pp/PDF)

Main Document with Appendices (13.4MB/165pp/PDF)

Main Document (1.5MB/44pp/PDF)
Appendices C-L (1.6MB/95pp/PDF)

Main Document (12MB/36pp/PDF)
Appendices (11.4MB/108pp/PDF)

Main Document (4.3MB/65pp/PDF)
Appendices A, C, F, and G (812KB/23pp/PDF)
Appendices B, D, E, and H (6.0MB/199pp/PDF)

Main Document
Appendices A, B, and C (2.8MB/85pp/PDF)
Appendices D, E, F, and G (3.1MB/80pp/PDF)

Main Document (3.2MB/49pp/PDF)
Appendix A (119K/2pp/PDF)
Appendix B (309K/50pp/PDF)
Appendix C (136K/2pp/PDF)
Appendix D (3.7MB/56pp/PDF)
Appendix E (132K/4pp/PDF)
Appendix F (192K/9pp/PDF)

Part 1 (1.6MB/17pp/PDF)
Part 2 (5.3MB/26pp/PDF)

Full Document (23.8MB/110pp/PDF)

Full Document (3.0MB/85pp/PDF)

Full Document (5.8MB/192pp/PDF)

Full Document (28.4MB/182pp/PDF)

Full Document (2.0MB/85pp/PDF)

Full Document (2.5MB/91pp/PDF)

Full Document (1.5MB/62pp/PDF)

Full Document (628K/29pp/PDF)