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The EcoTools Technical Assistance Service is a resource for Superfund sites. Through this service, you can connect with experts in the ecological land reuse field and get answers to related questions in a variety of subjects, including:
  • Ecological reuse of contaminated sites
  • Soil amendments
  • Native plants, invasive species, and revegetation

Other EPA online resources on ecological land reuse:

  • EPA CLU-IN Ecological Revitalization Fact Sheets:
    Ecological Revitalization: Turning Contaminated Properties Into Community Assets. EPA 542-R-08-003. Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response. U.S. EPA. February 2009.

    This document provides technical information to assist property managers and other stakeholders better understand, coordinate, and conduct ecological revitalization at contaminated properties during cleanup.  Specifically, this document presents general planning and process considerations for ecological revitalization and provides technical considerations for implementing ecological revitalization of wetlands, streams, and terrestrial ecosystems during cleanup. This document also highlights EPA's initiatives and resources that are available, and presents numerous site-specific examples and case studies where ecological revitalization has occurred.

    Ecological Revitalization PDF
    PDF (4.5 MB)
    Ecological Revitalization Fact Sheet PDF
    Fact Sheet PDF (220 K)
  • Ecological Revitalization of Superfund Sites FAQ
  • Revegetating Landfills and Waste Containment Areas
  • Ecological Revitalization and Attractive Nuisance Issues

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