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Fractured Bedrock Project Profiles

Last Updated: June 27, 2007

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Unknown TCE-contaminated site


Fractured bedrock.

Targeted Environmental Media:
  • - Fractured Bedrock


Not identified

Major Contaminants and Maximum Concentrations:
  • - Trichloroethene (200,000 µg/L)

Site Characterization Technologies:

No technologies selected.

Remedial Technologies:

  • - Other (Injection & Recirculation )
The pilot study involved intermittent injection and re-circulation of sodium permanganate through bedrock fractures. The fractures were accessed using open bedrock boreholes and by installing bedrock monitoring wells. Extracted ground water was treated with sodium permanganate to create a 5 percent permanganate solution and was then re-injected into the bedrock at the source area. The injected solution was left in the bedrock fracture system until the sodium permanganate was degraded and a rebound in the concentration of TCE was observed.
Remediation Goals:

The objective of the pilot study was to field-test injection of sodium permanganate solution and re-circulation for remediation of dissolved TCE in fractured bedrock ground water.


TCE concentrations were reduced from 100,000  150,000 µg/L to below 1 µg/L at the injection well. In the surrounding monitoring wells, concentrations were reduced from 150,000 µg/L to less than 1 µg/L initially and to between 30,000 and 50,000 µg/L after rebound occurred.

Lessons Learned:

In Situ Oxidation (ISO) implementation and monitoring is scheduled to continue for the next 2 years.

References: Simons, William F., and Paul D. Steinberg. TCE in Fractured Bedrock Groundwater Remediation via Sodium Permanganate Injection and Re-circulation. Proceedings of the 22nd Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments and Water (Massachusetts). October 17-20, 2005.

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