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Building the Technical Capacity of Small and Disadvantaged Businesses

EPA's Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM) has initiated an effort to improve the technical competency of Small and Disadvantaged Businesses* (SDBs) as they compete for environmental cleanup jobs in a challenging market. Its key purpose is to provide targeted access to training and technology transfer in advanced technology and business growth areas in site characterization and remediation. Improving the technical competencies of SDBs in turn, will bring technical expertise home to local communities while creating opportunities for successful business enterprises in areas that might otherwise lack such capacity.

* Including MBE, WBE, SDVOB, HUB Zone, and other small businesses.

Increasing the capacity of contractors who can both communicate with multi-cultural, non-English speaking communities and compete for clean-up contracts will increase the responsiveness of OSWER programs (e.g., Superfund, Brownfields, State Voluntary Cleanup Programs, revitalization, cross-Border initiatives) to local communities.

The effort will augment existing jobs training programs (e.g., Brownfields Job Training Grants) with courses typically prepared and delivered thru more "conventional" venues by the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI). Increased competency in areas such as Triad, green remediation, and effective data management can improve the state of practice among consulting and engineering service providers while also helping small and minority owned business enterprises compete for site cleanup work.

Technical Information and Training for Small Businesses

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Small Business Contracting Opportunities

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