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Key Optimization Components:  Data Management

Key Optimization Components Key Optimization Components Remedy Components Data management refers to the strategy and methods for collecting, processing, synthesizing, evaluating and communicating data. During the dynamic work portion of a project, large volumes of data (laboratory and field-derived) are typically generated over a relatively short period of time. Managing data effectively enables site teams to process and evaluate data to support efficient project and site decision-making.

Once the method of data acquisition is established, data should be entered into the database or software using a pre-standardized format. A variety of databases are available for use that also provide output modules that aid in the analysis of the data. Some of these output modules include sample design, data query tools, sampling design, statistical analysis, and visualization and modeling capabilities.

Real-time technologies offer opportunities for site teams to evaluate data using two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) visualization and modeling. When used during the dynamic investigation phase, visualization and other data evaluation technologies enable site teams to quickly understand site conditions and make adjustments to characterization plans to address data gaps. The final versions of conceptual site models (CSM) can be used to support remedy selection, design and implementation.

Selected Resources

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PDF Management and Interpretation of Data Under a Triad Approach - Technology Bulletin May 2007 EPA 542-F-07-001 Technical Publication 2007

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