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For more information on Optimization, please contact:

Kirby Biggs
Technology Integration and Information Branch

PH: 202-823-3081 | Email:

Optimization Technical Experts

The EPA typically performs optimization reviews using a small team of individuals with expertise in complimentary fields, including environmental, chemical and process engineering, hydrogeology and other remediation disciplines. In addition, the team may solicit advice from other experts, including, but not limited to, chemists, geochemists, geologists, hydrologists, biologists, toxicologists, risk assessors, cost estimators and regulatory experts. Teams may consist of EPA staff, private contractors and staff from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In all cases, the individuals on the review team are independent of the site. A conflict of interest (COI) screen must be passed to deploy contractor staff to an optimization support site.

EPA Headquarter Optimization Leads

Following are EPA Headquarter Optimization Leads who can be contacted directly in regard to questions and additional information on optimization reviews.

Kirby Biggs

Carlos Pachon

Matt Jefferson

Nate Barlet

Amanda VanEpps

Mona Ponnapalli

EPA Regional Optimization Liaisons

The EPA has Optimization Liaisons and Superfund Technical Liaisons (STL) within each of the EPA Regions who assist with optimization evaluation efforts by: 

  • Serving as advocates for optimization in their respective regions.
  • Working with Regional staff and managers to identify candidate sites for optimization and in prioritizing sites, if necessary.
  • Participating in site-specific optimization reviews, as appropriate.
  • Assisting Regional Project Managers (RPM) during implementation of optimization recommendations, as appropriate.
  • Participating in annual tracking/reporting of recommendations implementation.
  • Conducting a check-in at each site within their respective Regions to help keep implementation efforts on track.

The following EPA Regional Optimization Liaisons and STLs may be contacted directly regarding optimization review questions and support:

Region 1

Derrick Golden

Region 1

Kimberly White 

Region 2

Diana Cutt (STL)

Region 2

Jeff Josephson

Region 3

Kathy Davies

Region 4

Rusty Kestle

Region 5

Nabil Fayoumi

Region 6

Nathaniel Applegate

Region 6

Nichole Foster

Region 7

Sandeep Mehta

Region 7

Rob Weber (STL)

Region 8

Steve Dyment

Region 9

Sharissa Singh 

Region 10

Benjamin Leake

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