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For more information on Optimization, please contact:

Kirby Biggs
Technology Integration and Information Branch

PH: 202-823-3081 | Email:

Training and Events

To accompany demonstration projects and guidance documents, the EPA also provides training for EPA staff and other federal agency, state, tribal and local staff involved in hazardous waste management and remediation. Examples of this training include presentations and short-courses at EPA training conferences (such as the EPA’s National Association of Remedial Project Managers [NARPM] Annual Training Program) as well as Regional trainings, conference courses and internet seminars, each of which are often open to the public.

Upcoming Remediation Optimization Courses and Conferences

The first link below performs automated searches within CLU-IN's Upcoming Courses and Conferences area for upcoming events, videos, internet seminars and conferences that contain one or more of the following terms: optimization, operations and maintenance, or O&M. Search terms can be modified to refine searches.

Previous Training Events and Presentations

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